Another delicious treat this week, a trip to Paris for the day! Fuelled with coffee and croissant my daughter and I wandered through the Marais to visit the Musee de la Poupee which was showing a special exhibition of ‘ Baby Boomer ‘ dolls.

I am not sure that our gales of delighted laughter were altogether appreciated by the young French girls on the front desk but we could not contain ourselves in front of some of the displays! Particularly surreal was the cabinet recreating a scene on the beach, over 50 baby dolls, swans, hanging rattles, oversized fish, sandcastles and shells caught in peculiar juxtaposition against the backdrop of a menacing sea!

How wonderful then to wander from here to the magnificent Pompidou Centre where I came across Dorothea Tannings work from 1969 ‘de quel amour’ ( by what love) . Stuffed, slumped, sagging,drooping. And on the next floor a work by Barry Flanagan ‘Casb 1 ’67’ a sewn sandbag, a cut off cone, another slump of weight about 4 foot high only just holding its form, sinking into the floor.

There is definitely something that resonates with these stuffed, bursting ‘bodies’, something that makes me gasp and want to explore these ideas in my own work.

Or maybe I have just remembered that I must get in that turkey stuffing in time to stuff the big bird!!


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