abject object

officially nuts

Officially Nuts


The concrete lump sits. It is partly broken. The mix was not quite right but the unknown-ness in the making adds to the uncertainty of what it might become. There is a forlornness about it.

It is both apathetic and pathetic.

Accusation emanates from the stubby end as it teeters, just slightly on the edge of the support upon which it rests. The soft covering ruckles beneath its weight, it cannot nestle there for too long and its fall seems inevitable.

What is the meaning of this small abject object? It is called ‘Officially Nuts’, so it surely cannot be taken seriously!! Can it be saying anything that is worth listening to?

It is probably just having a laugh.

What a relief then! We have been let off the hook from having to think too much about it, after all it might not be there next week.

Doubt creeps in…


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