Drawing’s weight/lessness.

I read an interview given by the writer Geoff Dyer; in it he suggested that if all he had ever done was hang out the washing no one would have taken any notice of him and I am sure that is true. Nevertheless there is value in these slight things and for some reason it made me think about drawing; drawing with its lightness, its lack of commercial weight, the way it seems to just slip under the net and demand so little. And yet with a heft that goes far beyond itself, a quiet voice that makes one think ‘yes’ this may not warrrant an interview but it is vital nonetheless.


2 responses to “Drawing’s weight/lessness.

  1. What does Geoff dyer write of ?
    An interview on hanging out the washing could be revealing of character ?! …the order, the groupings, 3 or 4 pegs to hang 2 items ? The style , the sizes – are the knickers or pants really that big now ? The colours , the numbers , the frequency
    Do you tumble dry ?
    Do you actually hang out washing ?

    • Vernon! Hilarious! What Geoff Dyer was saying was that he loved hanging out the laundry, that it was a pleasurable experience but this mundane act is seen with little regard or recognition on the scale of what is perceived as important in life. It is only his writing that has made him worthy to be interviewed not his love of doing the laundry! I too love to hang out the washing, and yes it is a very individual thing and full of simple satisfaction… just as is drawing!! ( or should it be drawers?)

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