Two women over the past couple of weeks have taken this odd little piece, ugly and deformed as it is and cradled it in their arms. As though it were a baby in the need of comfort and care rather than a thing, bound and repulsive. It has been some time since I have shown my work and I was taken by surprise by their response. Whatever my intentions in making this peculiar thing it took on a new authority in the eyes of these m/others.





2 responses to “m/others

  1. Do you actually invite visitors to handle your work, or were these women’s responses quite spontaneous? It’s certainly a strong-looking piece. How do male visitors respond to it?

    • I am very happy for the work to be handled as it is rather tactile, but both women were spontaneous it what they did. Not many males have seen the work recently so it is hard to know how their rations might differ. Thank you for your interest.

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