Meeting bodies/ meeting minds.

Sacred Monsters Akram Kahn and Sylvie Guillem at Sadlers Wells and The Radical Nude Egon Schiele at The Courtauld Gallery are connected now in my mind, a serendipitous and special joining of two discrete worlds.

The sinewy, elongated bodies. The searching double jointed fingers. The pushing of body boundaries, to the edges of the paper to the limits of strength. The abstract shapes and forms questioning our perceptions and making us look again.

We are asked to respond viscerally. Our eyes search the paper, the colours, follow the sure pencil lines, enjoy the judicious use of the crayons and paint but we see the pain and the angst. We too trace the cost of these drawings for the artist who died of Spanish Flu at 28. He was unafraid of the boundaries of the time, he wanted it seems to face both the beauty and the depravity of humanity. Human poverty as well as the flesh of women and youth but in the aftermath of WW1.

The dancers responded to each other, in choreography, word, touch, laughter and with an unspoken knowledge. A joint history of rebellion, of breaking away from, of facing difficult and uneasy questions to find their own way. Both had to learn new languages where meaning and intention fell in-between. The language of movement felt like real communication and a meeting of minds.


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