Performing with Marina Abramovic.

At The Serpentine.

At The Serpentine.

It was with much anticipation that I walked up Exhibition Road at 6.30 am on Tuesday this week to join ‘the queue’ to see Marina Abramovic at The Serpentine. Much to my amusement I was ‘the queue’ for the first two hours.  Nevertheless the time passed pleasantly watching the park come slowly alive in the morning sun.

First into the Gallery that morning, I was greeted by Marina at the door. I entered the quiet space and hesitantly joined in the performance, a tacit choreography of silence, deep breathing, slow walking, meditation led by Marina Abramovic and her small cohort of young assistants.

It felt good to be part of something, a small historic happening …included…and yet it also left me feeling profoundly insignificant and lonely…excluded…

Ahh well the experience was however, extraordinary despite leaving me with this confusing mixture of emotions. And as I made my way back through the park I felt naughty and rebellious after the constraints of conformity and stuffed myself with the remains of my breakfast and kicked at the grass!



2 responses to “Performing with Marina Abramovic.

  1. I think you are brave to have put yourself through the experience. One reviewer I read reported that she had ended up deep in tears, together with several other participants. I’d be interested in how many people came away suffused with well-being or inclusion, in contrast with your feelings of loneliness. Powerful (potentially dangerous?) stuff.

  2. Judging by the comments that have been published on Tumblr many people have been very moved by the experience and a few have been left feeling immensely lonely. It is worth going though if you are able as it is hard to describe the experience.

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