Was it all just a load of rubbish?

Was it all just a load of rubbish? It was really hard to know quite what to make of Phyllida Barlow’s newly installed commission dock recently erected in the Duveen gallery at Tate Britain.  http://www.tate.org.uk/whats-on/tate-britain/exhibition/tate-britain-commission-2014-phyllida-barlow

Stacks of painted wood roughly screwed together, planks, bits of polystyrene, ropes, bursting bin liners, taped together cardboard…you name it it was there…hanging, swinging, sprawling , tottering, towering!

Walking through, beneath, in and around the seven massive works was certainly impressive but sadly left me cold. I have to admit that it seemed to me that Barlow was given the commission and following on from previous work she felt she must ‘fill’ the space with BIG! I couldn’t help thinking how unsubtle it was and that perhaps something really really small might have been rather more mysterious and interesting.

Anyway she has finally in her 70th year been recognised so that at least is something to shout about!

dock Phyllida Barlow

Phyllida Barlow



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