Many of the works in Martin Creed exhibition at The Hayward Southbank What’s the point of it? are caught between their innate humour and absurdity, and the seriousness of the questions which he poses in the making of his art.

The huge revolving neon lit sign ‘MOTHERS’ raises many questions about our relationships with our mothers as well as being a brilliant piece of ‘performance’ art involving each visitor who entered the exhibition space, every one automatically ducking to avoid her long shadow! Accompanied by the mesmeric beating of a 39 metronomes marking off time and a wall of 1,000 broccoli prints, a reminder to eat up our greens, the mother figure looms large!

Although some of the works shown are not considered appropriate for young children and some do indeed seem rather pointless he has to be admired for his confident fearlessness…a scary mother maybe but she did a good job!



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