‘body’ wrestling.

I am still puzzled by the discrepancy between what is selected for exhibition in public galleries, for example Camden Arts Centre and how the ‘man/woman in the street’ views what art is.


I must be honest here and say that this is a personal issue for me. For many years I have sought to question my work, to undermine it and to revere experimentation pushing myself to the limits. And this I believe to be the point of ‘art’ to a certain extent….but I still find myself having to answer ( well meaning) questions…’what are you doing at the moment?’, ‘how is your art going?’, ‘are you selling much at the moment?’ and these questions upset and unsettle me…particularly as the only answer is to carry on wrestling and shedding the odd tear over ‘body’ in my studio.

'body' pick

‘body’ pick


4 responses to “‘body’ wrestling.

  1. HI Anna – I will wrestle with a comment – your work is important and the traces you leave have a lasting impression (for me). There will always be a cavernous gap between exhibitions in public galleries and what is shown in most/many commercial spaces. The current exhibition at Camden, many would be forgiven for thinking they had arrived at the space after the show had been dismantled! and it is not until you listen/watch the video that the work begins to reveal itself or become accessible. In many ways we all choose the space within which we work (and work it is) I am currently a maker of objects which will hopefully trigger some sort of experience in/with/from the viewer
    and I think the work is pretty accessible – not always likeable. Bill Viola suggests that ‘although works of art are visible it is the invisible things that people take away’ (not a direct quote but close) this is what I strive for in my work – and I think in many ways it is also at the heart of what you are sensing to achieve. There are many very fine artists who get very little recognition for the daily toil but their work resonates with a smaller much more appreciative audience – those tears may dampen and stain the cloth but will leave it embedded with experience. Thank you for sharing your toil.

    • Thank you for your comment and encouragement. I suppose I am in a place of upheaval and transition which always leaves an artist exposed to enormous self doubt and vulnerability. I loved the thought you gave from Bill Viola whose work I greatly admire for its rawness and honesty…

      • ‘I am in a place…’ self doubt also seems to fuel the soul as long as you can push it along I pretty much live in the same place – trying to find answers to the constant questions alongside the ‘the what if’. 🙂

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