The elephant’s herculean task!



Teeming with rain as I emerged from Lancaster Gate tube and a murky walk through the park to reach the new Serpentine Sackler Gallery and Zaha Hadid’s beautifully crafted café. The smooth flowing lines a stimulating contrast to the rough, hand marked grey clay which makes up the bulk of Adrian Villar Rojas’s exhibition ‘Today We Reboot the Planet’.

The straining exertion of the elephant at the opening of the show, its exhaustion palpable as it pushes against the interior wall of the gallery is partially explained as the visitor is guided into the ‘inner sanctuary’ behind. Here lies a ‘laboratory’ of stuff, much of it made of clay and some alive with vegetation, detritus of every kind, row by row, shelf by shelf. Bones, birds, animals, vegetables, crockery and vessels all jumbled together. Is the elephant straining to keep this at bay, to hold back the tide? Then in the next vast room a cathedral of emptiness, silent and still with soft light filtering through two stained glass windows high above!

What an amazing feat of imagination and vision by this artist! Once again using the mundane, the ordinary, and the overlooked we are asked to think and question and pause… to take a longer look.

Sadly this exhibition finishes today, I am sorry if you missed it but at least the elephant can now take a break from her herculean task…


2 responses to “The elephant’s herculean task!

  1. Oh, too bad, but I did miss it. I’m going to London in a few weeks, looking forward to visit Home Truths at The Photographers’ Gallery & the Foundling Museum, and maybe also have time for a visit to the new Serpentine Sackler Gallery.

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