Old bag.

The 12” square canvas has sat menacingly under the table for the last three months, with time ticking inexorably by. A cool white blank. With some trepidation, as there is no going back, the canvas is stripped from the stretcher, for it is no good I cannot face it as it is. Why this trepidation, this fear of failure? After all it is not a matter of life and death. As the hard edged voice of a teacher from long ago drips disappointment and disapproval in my ear the sound of ripping brings immense satisfaction…it is done! Now there is only one way to go and that is forward as something must be done for the charity auction ‘Magic of the Ordinary’ and the deadline is now! http://whitehousearts.co.uk/

There is of course the humiliating prospect that the work will go unsold, my rather odd little work not attaining the status of ‘magic’, for nothing could be quite as ordinary and mundane as a bag, especially an old bag!!




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