Mirror mirror on the wall at Arken Copenhagen

Another of the wonderful Galleries that I visited in Copenhagen was Arken.

One of their exhibition spaces presented a selection of works about gender, questioning and challenging what shapes our attitudes to male/female and the stereotypical views that can and do entrap us.


Mona Hatoum’s ‘Sous tension’ is an installation of sieves, moulies, colanders and graters intermittently lit and trailing wires ominously buzzing. Set in a darkened recess it particularly caught my attention. The text suggested that the kitchen with all its memories of cosiness and warmth was also place of disaster and threat. Gathered up with that thought was also the idea that the role of the woman, safely in the home, may not always be one of comfort…mmm…something ominous prickling beneath the surface…things are not quite what they seem….’mirror mirror on the wall’.
Yet again such a simple, mundane group of objects but communicating so much.

who is the fairest of them all?

who is the fairest of them all?


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