A poke in the eye at SNAP Aldeburgh!

A winding evening drive to see the SNAP exhibition at Snape on Friday and to the discussion about the art works between the art critic Jonathan Watts and three of the artists involved. http://www.snapaldeburgh.co.uk/

This is Britten’s centenary year and the selected SNAP artists were asked to make works that were ‘ related to or inspired by Britten’s legacy’. What struck me most, borne out later by the discussion, was the impenetrability of many of the artworks particularly in relation to the spaces and sense of place which is so uniquely Snape. Although impenetrability isn’t such a great mis-demeanour, arrogance is and a little more insight into the work would have been helpful and given those visiting a kindly helping hand. In comparison to The Freud Museum, London where the work was placed so intuitively, so lightly and genially it made the artists in SNAP seem ungenerous and rather mean. Sadly in the discussion when challenged on this point by a member of the audience the artists behaved with total lack of grace and good manners becoming defensive and rude. Such a pity as their lack of humour made me want to run for cover and not go back for a second, slightly better informed look.




One response to “A poke in the eye at SNAP Aldeburgh!

  1. thanks for the link to the SNAP exhibition – the video on their site was worth watching – I love the image of your sculpture/embroidery/assemblage – very clever

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