In connection with my work a friend handed me a copy of ‘Granta The magazine of New Writing’ from Winter 2004. This edition was  called Mothers. In it I found a short story by Ian McEwan which tells the tale of the narrator’s mother now frail and senile. As he visits her in her nursing home he recalls his early memories of her as a young woman, then in her prime as a swift and graceful swimmer. Perhaps it is her name, ‘Lily’ that has led me down memory lane this week with both sad and amusing recollections of my own Grandmother  who shared her name. Or maybe it is making work from clothing that has brought on this little fit of nostalgia!




One response to “Lily

  1. Clothes can be such potent metaphors and memory triggers. When an aunt of my developed dementia, she spent long days in her care home unravelling one of her woollen cardigans. How poignant is that?

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