Grassy breathing spaces.

The variety of grasses growing along the bank by the river have caught my attention this week. They are the most subtle of colours, a barely there of colour , quiet, slight, unobtrusive. Then looking up some of their names: Velvet Bent, Orange Foxtail,Crested Hair, Green Bristle, Cats-tail, Water Horsetail these seemed to me to perfectly catch their essence, a precise pairing up of the grass with its name, no fuss, no frills!

As usual I am full of doubts about my work, paring it back to such a state of simplicity it seems to teeter precariously on the edge of becoming nothing. Yet it is this concision that I find so appealing. So shaking and quivering, I guess this is how it must continue to be, I take a lesson from the grasses…

constructed drawing, blanket installation

constructed drawing, blanket installation

breathing spaces detail

breathing spaces detail


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