LOOK, LOOK, LOOK at the Whiteread, Gagosian Gallery!

Another visit to the Gagosian Gallery in Britannia Street, London and how appropriate a place to show Rachel Whitereads latest works. http://www.gagosian.com/exhibitions/rachel-whiteread–april-11-2013

‘Detached’ an apposite title reflecting both the underlying tenor of the works as well as the the great white space of the gallery. Whilst I was there a deafening hail storm hammered the roof adding drama to the three steel and concrete sheds sitting impassive and stolid side by side. Grey. Interiors marked by time and now caught forever in the setting of the concrete.

And then pink,turquoise, lime,purple. Translucent and radiant full sized doors and windows cast in resin leaning and hanging. Locks, knots, latches and catches subtly solid in the light.

The work seemed to me to render reverence to the mundane, to the overlooked and the everyday. As I continued to make work this week using old blankets the glamour of Tender’s shiny Private View at Gallery Different now behind me, I reflected on one of Whiteread’s titles, ‘LOOK, LOOK,LOOK’. Yes that is what these and my own ‘unassuming’ works ask you to do.

inhale blanket pod drawing

blanket pod drawing


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