Beguiled by ‘Jammers’.

Kings Cross to Britannia Street…a cold, grey, rainy,uninviting walk. The heavy glass door opened in polite welcome, this the Gasgosian Gallery currently exhibiting Robert Rauschenberg’s Jammers. A place of gesticulating suited attendants the silence punctuated by the regular rumblings of trains.–february-16-2013

But what a space and what a spectacle! To be honest I know very little about Rauchenbergs work but what was evident to me was that these were an honest response to a visit he had made to India just before the making of these artworks. Swathes of beautiful coloured silks stitched together as banners, pulled threads and translucent layers, stripped tin cans hung with string, a huge ‘bag’ hanging with its sagging heft (very Hesse), bound and notched rattan poles,a stuffed pillowcase – like an oversized pocket.

He was obviously beguiled and in turn beguiled me with the both the simplicity and the delightful touches of detail in this uplifting show.

tender detail

tender detail



One response to “Beguiled by ‘Jammers’.

  1. Anna – as always your posts are inspiring – I was also unaware of this particular body of Rauchenberg’s work and will certainly go and investigate some more thank you

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