Tea with Eva Hesse.

‘Eva Hesse 1965’ an exhibition currently at Hauser and Wirth Savile Row, London is a rare showing of some of Hesse’s experimental reliefs and drawings from 1965. http://www.hauserwirth.com/exhibitions/1648/eva-hesse-1965/view/

Coming from the heady interior of The East India Company with its exotic array of tea caddies and extraordinarily named teas, the gallery, just a short walk away is in itself worth a visit with its vast quiet interior of cool greys and splash of Thames green.

Hesse too loved to play with words and looking at her works I caught an echo of those bizarre tea names.

Her drawings are intriguing and compelling. They ask to be looked at closely and arouse curiosity. The main group are ink on paper with some judicious use of colour. Colour instinctively and unconsciously placed it seemed, little touches of femininity and pauses for thought.

Hong Kong brooms. Photo Michael Murton

Hong Kong brooms. Photo Michael Murton


2 responses to “Tea with Eva Hesse.

  1. A fascinating link Anna. I love looking at the machine/pictures whilst listening to work by Andy Cowton, (He composed the music for the painful-to-watch but brilliant series on BBC2 about the railways today.

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