Blood boiling pomposity!


A couple of things struck me as I read in Thursday’s ‘i’ newspaper pages 26/27 that George Baselitz had declared this week that, ‘Women just don’t paint very well. It’s a fact…[ they] simply don’t pass the market test, the value test….’ apart from thinking, of course, that to respond to his self opinionated argument was to stoop to his level!

However,the narrowness of his argument, that women’s paintings do not command such high prices is to reduce art to its lowest and most insignificant level, market value has reduced art to commodity…ugh!

Not only that but many AMAZING women artists, I have referred to many of them in my blogs, have turned away from ‘paint’ with all its hierarchical and traditional undertones (and undertows) to use other materials and explore many diverse paths to make work ‘of value’! Often fearlessly and without great fanfare I must add! Paint is great but it isn’t the be all and end all.

What I asked myself did he achieve by stating such a pompous thing? Probably just more self publication which sadly may have helped him to feel bigger than he is. In my experience women artists need no assistance to do themselves down, we certainly do not need such ill informed statements to aid us. What we need and value is encouragement to keep at it, to persevere in this, at times, still male dominated world. To continue to paint, draw, sew, sculpt, write and so on and make art of real integrity.

So as my blood cools I return quietly to my work….

Pencil on Paper by Anna Mortimer

Pencil on Paper by Anna Mortimer


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