The weight at Two Temple Place!

Yesterday I had the opportunity to pop in to Two Temple Place Tucked away close to the Embankment this piece of late Victorian architecture, built for William Waldorf Astor on river mud reclaimed from the Thames has some wonderful ornate features.

It recently opened as an exhibition space for regional public art collections and is currently showing Amongst Heroes: the Artist in Working Cornwall. Gorgeous shiny slicks of oil paint depict writhing baskets of fish, heaving nets strain with weight and wizened weather beaten faces stare out from canvases lining the oak panelled walls. Lovely artworks in a lovely building but unusually the oddness of juxtaposition and incongruity didn’t work its alchemy on me.

… yet there on the floor a large weight! A Pressing Stone of solid granite, beaten, marked, battered, sitting inert and slumped amongst the slithering oils…mmm  now that’s magic!

Pencil on Paper Drawing

Pencil on Paper Drawing


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