Tender pencil.

Just some tenuously connected thoughts this week.

Tender: soft or dainty or delicate. Tender:loving or fond. Tender:susceptible or young or vulnerable. Tender:compassionate or caring or kind. Tender:to offer or bid or propose. Tender: a ship or galley. Tender:grant. Tender:dispense something needed. Tender: to yield. Tender: sore or swollen.

A film by Kim Longinotto and Jano williams ,’Shinjuku Boys’, follows the lives of three women who work in The Marilyn Club in Tokyo. Onnabes are women living as men . The film exploring the fluidity of gender in contemporary Japan is moving and thought provoking. A tender, careful portrayal of vulnerability.http://www.wmm.com/filmCatalog/pages/c222.shtml

Walking through the dusk catching the last sightings of the Lapwings, Greenshanks, Dunlins feeding on the mud before the darkness falls. Fluttering half seen, turning, seen and unseen, seen,unseen, grey soft light.

Waiting for my drawings to return.


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