concrete beauties.

Michael, the source of many unusual books,popped in for a coffee this week with another of his eclectic collection;Concrete Ideas: Material to Shape a City. ed. Pina Petricone/publ.Thames and Hudson.

This recalled my visit to The Whitney, New York in November. A 60’s concrete Brutalist building designed by Marcel Breuer which took my breath away with its gorgeous textural surfaces, rough and gritty. Although stark and spare it has a wonderfully feminine quality. The womb like intimacy of the stairways contrasting dramatically with the vast and imposing gallery spaces. I must admit that although I enjoyed the retrospective of Artschwager’s work, much of it quite hilarious, it was the building that really caught my eye.

I am now on the look out for more of these brooding concrete beauties…mmmm see the one below!

Winchelsea sea defence

Winchelsea sea defence

Photo by Michael Murton


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