Bag of Bones.

The films of Pedro Almodovar are so bizarre that they have a way of dropping back into my mind at odd moments. Many of the films that I have seen are extraordinarily sympathetic to women,women who like me are insane, idiosyncratic and teetering precipitously on the edge!

Recently I watched ‘ Flower of My Secret’ which, apart from being wonderfully funny and beautiful to watch recalled some rather interesting work by a Chinese artist, Lin Tianmiao in an exhibition at the Asia Society New York. The underlying tenet of her work seemed to be about restraint, about desire for freedom from the constraints and confines of expectation, about breaking free. In contrast to many of her earlier works which are in white the final work in the show was in glorious colour, a rainbow of silk threads wrapping a series of bones.

Freedom at last but all that is left is a carcass…picked clean!


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