Judy Chicago comes to town!

Untitled Constructed Drawing Detail

Untitled Constructed Drawing Detail

In the dimly lit recesses of my mind, whilst deciding on my itinerary for my second day in New York, I recalled that some of Judy Chicago’s work was to be exhibited in London over the winter. Chicago, one of the leading feminist artists of the 1970’s has not had her work shown here since 1985. I also recalled that her seminal work ‘The Dinner Party’ was permanently housed in The Brooklyn Museum, how could I resist the temptation to fit this in to my day even though it meant braving the New York subway. Sitting rather nervously on the edge of my seat I followed the stops on the yellow ‘N’ line on the MTA subway map from Times Square to Eastern Parkway. And oh I was not disappointed! The Dinner Party is beguilingly dated now in the 21st century but is nevertheless an extraordinary piece of work. Skilful, thought provoking and celebratory it is a paean to women from pre historic times to the 20th century both mythical and actual.


With two new exhibitions just open in London Chicago continues to be a women to admire. Experimental and productive over four decades I for one am keen to see both these shows and learn from her determination and industry. It will be interesting to see how she follows ‘The Dinner Party’ in all its intimate glory…I’ll try let you know!




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