More Fool Me!

This week I began to reflect on some of the interesting exhibitions that I saw in New York. Rosemarie Trockel at the New Museum was my forth gallery visit of my final day and I was pretty weary. It seems that Trockel is concerned to challenge the idea of the artist as ‘celebrity’ in her choice of works for the show. This certainly came across to me as her exhibition was at times a bewildering mix of her own works as well as those of both past and contemporary artists…not all human! Without the assistance of wall texts and labels I would not have known which of the many exhibits were made by Trockel. I am not sure if her intention to encourage us to look first and think afterwards, for it not to matter who created the work succeeded for me, although I do think the intention admirable.

You can go and see for yourself in February when the exhibition comes to The Serpentine Gallery in London…why not play a little guessing game and have some fun!

…and talking of fun listen to my little Dictaphone clip on Youtube!


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