First of the favourites.

…and oh my!! If I haven’t got anything to say after three days in New York gorging, guzzling and stuffing myself with art works I never will! What a feast!

Through the haze of jet lag here is the first of my favourites at the Guggenheim.

Tucked away Presence 2006-2007, coloured pencil and acrylic on canvas by Shirazeh Houshiary caught me by surprise. I had been introduced to her work some months ago by an intuitive friend who could see connections to my own work. The drawing was so mesmerising that I returned to sit in front of it four times. The wall text described Houshiary’s work as ‘contemplative’ and ‘sublime’ with its fine pencil marks in blue caught and floating on a matt black ground. I had a looked at her work closely on her website but as always the digital images fail miserably to show the depth and beauty of the real thing. Still worth a look though!  




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