Butterfly brain!

This morning I read the winner of the Open Category of the Annual Poetry Prize in the newspaper, Stillborn 1943: Calling Limbo by Derry O’Sullivan translated from Irish by Kaarina Hollo. There was something inherently moving about the way the poet, with undramatic grace wrote of the stillbirth of his baby brother. A moment of immense pain  wrought with an intuitive touch, disturbing and haunting.

I wondered, as I felt like the old woman who lived in a shoe, whether I would ever be able to tether my butterfly brain to work with so many distractions, so many other demands on my thinking. Maybe this fractured way of working, this running from studio back to kitchen in borrowed snatches of time, allows that lightness of touch and intuitive mark of pencil on paper to be read below and beyond the mere surface…I hope so but butterflies only live for a day don’t they?


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