…the thing about edges at the Estorick.

Tucked away in Canonbury the Estorick Collection of modern Italian art is a scented haven of  fresh garlic, herbs and delicious Italian coffee mmmm! And of course some rather lovely art!

Currently showing is a small collection of work by Bruno Munari, My Futurist Past. The two downstairs rooms displayed a selection of his works on paper, collages some of his ‘mobiles’ and amusing assemblages. The best however was saved until last, suspended alone in an upstairs room. Concave-convex is a ‘spatial environment’ created in 1946. A hanging wire mesh object is carefully lit, the shadows creating beautiful and mysterious projections onto the walls. On the far wall, whether by accident or intention ( my friend and I could not agree on this point) the shadow ‘falls’ off or is cut by the edge of a screen which is covering a window.


I really loved this. It felt like a moment of shock or jarring which caught me off guard and made the work somehow less visually pleasing and more thought provoking.

Of course I do have a bit of a thing about ‘edges’ so maybe that was it, intentional or unintentional, like the aroma of garlic which crept up the stairs, this unexpected creeping away of the shadow on the wall.


2 responses to “…the thing about edges at the Estorick.

  1. Thank you Anna for your reconnaissance work in a) discovering ‘tucked away scented havens’ and b) pinpointing them for the likes of me!

  2. ‘Lacemakers’, a poem by Beverley Bie Brahic, brought you and your work to mind – especially
    On some islands the women make lace, punti in aria – stitches in air –
    Materializing the spaces between things.

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