Solace in Art.

Following a difficult week of rejections I sought solace in the library. Reading about the struggles of other artists, particularly those I admire…I have to admit they are usually women…brings comfort.

The Eye’s Mind:Bridget Riley Collected Writings 1965-2009 Ed. Robert Kudielka gives a wonderful insight into the thoughts behind both Riley’s work and her working practice. In one of the interviews she reflects on the loneliness of being an artist, its inevitability;

‘ …I seldom talk about the things that really matter. You cannot take away the energy, it’s a very internal thing. All artists have part of themselves that they can never share with anyone else.’ p.30

slip 2 detail

And out of this silent inner space comes art.


2 responses to “Solace in Art.

  1. This creative loneliness is more evident in our times than ever before. Before this present generation of artists, painters, writers, etc., worked within a genre, even if most good artists tested the genre’s boundaries. But there were ground rules – which nowadays have to be effectively re-imagined with each painting, poem …

    • It is in the listening within the silence of loneliness that the re-imagining can happen….albeit that is a slow and often difficult process.
      Thank you for your comment Ian.

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