Instacrit Show RCA 2012

‘To grow small by degrees, and beautifully less’  Everyman’s Thesaurus Revised Edition 1971.

A trip to London this week gave me a chance to see some of the final year shows at the RCA and with that an invitation to contribute to Instacrit, ‘ a live commentary on Show RCA 2012’.  Visitor’s were invited to email a concise description in 20 to 70 words of any work in the show. I had already picked out Charlotte Brown’s beautifully spare work and so I sent in the following:

‘White, black; soft, hard; light, heavy; open, shut; translucent, opaque; silk, wool; paper, lead; caressed, pressed; hand, machine. Inheritance: less gives so much more.’

Charlotte Brown’s Blog

As always I was drawn to that same pared down, stripped back quality that I search for constantly in my own drawing and writing.

Untitled Drawing 7


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