Tracey Emin at Turner Contemporary

 Turner Contemporary on the Margate coast is a wonderful gallery space.It is cleverly designed to keep the eye mostly focused on the works of the artist(s) on show but nevertheless paying homage to the ever changing seascape framed by the vast windows.

Although I much admire Emin as a woman for her honesty and guts I was yet again disappointed that her work is so self referential and dare I say it unsubtle. The show was cleverly curated. A small selection of nudes by both Rodin and Turner shown alongside those of Emin suggested a broader reading and greater depth.
Mmmm that is as maybe  but it still begs the bigger question… I for one am still puzzled as to why Emin has been afforded the accolade of showing in this great space especially so closely followed by her show at The Hayward?

Come on Tracey, have a generous heart and give some of your other fellow women artists a chance!



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